How is the pension calculated in Cyprus?

All you need to know to estimate your pension on retirement.

How is the pension calculated in Cyprus?

One of the most common queries we receive from Cyprus taxpayers, who contribute to the social insurance fund, is to explain the process on how their retirement pension will be calculated based on their social insurance contributions.

The statutory pension to be received on retirement is calculated based on the salary earned and the total number of years during which contributions were paid to the Social Insurance Fund.

In particular, the statutory pension that an employee will receive after the age of 65 depends on the number of pension units that have been credited to his social insurance account in the Social Insurance Fund during his total working years.

Click on the below links to learn more on how the Cyprus Retirement Pension will be calculated.

Alternatively, you may use our pension calculator to quickly estimate your pension on retirement using your average yearly salary.

How is the statutory pension calculated in Cyprus?
Cyprus Pension Calculator


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