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Our Accounting Team in Limassol

An experienced, committed and professional team.

Accounting is one of the key areas for almost any business. The accounting function must systematically and comprehensively record the financial transactions of a business and at the same time comply with the relevant accounting standards. Therefore, qualified, competent, and professional individuals with the necessary knowledge and experience are paramount for an effective accounting function.

Our Accounting services from our Limassol office deliver tailored outsourced accounting services in-line with the requirements and unique characteristic to your business. Staffed with qualified individuals with experience in accounting, auditing, and tax services, coupled with our internal review procedures our department is able to deliver top-notch accounting services.

Benefits from Cloud Accounting

Enhance your company’s financial management using Cloud accounting software

24/7 Access to your accounting records

Easily access your company’s and personal financial records 24/7 from any place using your computer, tablet or phone.

Multi-functional accounting system

Your accounting, invoicing, payroll and stock control are always at sync and easily accessible at a single place.

Multi-user and user permission control

Multi-user access and user permission control to manage and control your users’ access rights.

Customization and integration

Easily customize and integrate our accounting with your existing operational systems for maximum efficiency and cost reduction.

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Benefits from Outsourcing your Accounting function

  • Increased Profitability: Devote more resources and time to profit generating function and increase your profitability;
  • Reduced Costs: Limit your expenses to your core business functions;
  • Benefit from Expertise: Put your accounting function in the hands of trained professional with expertise in accounting;
  • Improve Management Reporting: Get higher quality accounting information, faster and more reliable information to monitor and driving your business;
  • Minimize Risks: Reduce the risk of having errors on your payroll or income tax.

Our Competitive Advantages

The benefits to our clients are many, some of which are listed below.

Our Accounting function

  • Easily access your financial records anytime from anywhere.

  • Ability to issue and track invoices – always at sync with your accounting records

  • Real Time tracking of outstanding invoices

  • Real time tracking of amounts due to creditors and receivable from customers

  • Payroll and social insurance payments updated and accessible anytime.

  • Real time tracking of VAT balances due to facilitate better budget management

  • Active cooperation and interactions with your accountant.

  • Plus all the feature provided by traditional accounting.

Other Accountancy Agencies

  • Access your financial records through requests placed to your accountants.

  • Invoicing performed through a separate system not at sync with the accounting.

  • Customers’ balances not always at sync with your accounting records.

  • Creditors’ balances not always sync with your accounting records.

  • Payroll and social insurance balances not easily accessible.

  • Only through your own records is real time tracking of VAT balances achieved.

  • Not active cooperation and interactions with your accountant.

How to select the right accountant for your company

Choosing the right accountant for your company

Other Services

Audit Services

Cutting edge Audit services by experienced professionals.

Advisory Services

Advisory services for your financial planning and management.

Tax Services

Tax services covering TAX and VAT compliance.


Corporate and Administration support services.