We deliver complete Corporate Services for Cyprus Companies

Corporate Services - Evidentrust Financial Services Ltd

Our Corporate Team

An experienced, committed and professional team.

Our Corporate team, in cooperation with our external legal partners, aims to assist our clients in complying with the applicable corporate, legal and statutory requirements.  Through our dedicated and experienced team, corporate and administration services are delivered to our clients with the objective of  achieving a seamless compliance with all applicable corporate, legal and statutory requirements.

Our Corporate and Administration Services coupled with our Accounting, Audit, Tax and Payroll services  form a complete bundle of reliable-high quality services available to our clients. Get in touch to offer a tailored bundle of services to meet your requirements.

Corporate Services

Comprehensive list of fiduciary services through our trusted partners.

Nominee Directors

Appointment of physical or legal nominee directors.

Registered Office

Provision of registered office address.

Corporate Secretary

Appointment of dedicated corporates secretary.

Bank administration

Opening and management of bank accounts.

Administration Support

Administration and corporate support services to meet corporate and legal requirements.

Dividend Distribution

Assistance in issuing dividends and payment of applicable taxes.

Annual Return

Submission of annual return to registrar of companies and payment of related fees.

Secretarial Support

Drafting of BoD minutes / resolutions.

Corporate Advise

Advising on legal and corporate compliance areas.

Other Services


Complete accounting services using our cloud accounting software.

Audit Services

Cutting edge Audit services by experienced professionals.

Tax Services

Tax services covering TAX and VAT compliance.

Advisory Services

Advisory services for your financial planning and management.