Evidentrust Financial Services Ltd

Your Trusted Partner

Who We Are

Evidentrust Financial Services Ltd (Evidentrust) is a Certified Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors firm, regulated by ICPAC, offering a range of financial and business advisory services.

Evidentrust was founded by Kyriacos Socratous who is a Director at Evidentrust Financial Services Ltd and a UK Chartered Accountant. Over the past 7 years Kyriacos acquired substantial knowledge and experience in the provision of internal and external audit services having worked in a range of clients in Cyprus and the UK. From his exposure, he noted an inconsistency on the quality of services received by clients which is mainly caused by the values, ethics and procedures adopted by each firm as well as how these are perceived and followed by their personnel.

Evidentrust was formed with the objective of maximising the value clients receive from financial services which is achieved by:

  • Tailoring each service to our clients’ unique requirements;
  • Utilisating technology to increase efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Providing insightful information for decision making; and
  • Maintaining professionalism and reliability throughout our services.

To achieve consistency in the quality of our services, Evidenturst’s culture and operations have been structured based on five distinctive values (i.e. Excellence, Trust, Integrity, Respect and Enhancement”).


Our Values

Excellence - We constantly aim to achieve distinction in our services covering our work products, operations and interactions.
Trust - We strive to be a reliable and supportive partner to our clients which will cultivate a trusted collaboration.
Integrity – We follow the core concepts of integrity (consistency, honesty and truthfulness) in our actions, communications and decisions.
Respect – We endeavour to treat our clients, employees and partners with special regard and respect.
Enhancement – We aim for an insightful collaboration through teaming, exchanging knowledge and working hard in line with our clients’ vision.