Social Insurance

Contributions to the Social Insurance and other funds

Contributions to the social insurance and other relevant funds are calculated on the employee’s gross emoluments at the following rates effective from 1st January 2024:

Employer Employee Self-employed
% % %
Social Insurance Fund 8,8 8,8 16,6
Redundancy Fund 1,2
Industrial Training Fund 0,5
Social Cohesion Fund 2,0
Central Holiday Fund (can ask for exception) 8%

Income limits

The above rates (excluding the rate applicable to contributions to the Social Cohesion Fund) are applied on the employee’s gross emoluments subject to the following upper limits.

Per week Per month Per annum
Salary 1.209 5.239 62.868

The amount of contributions payable by self-employed individuals is subject to a lower and an upper weekly limit depending on the occupation of the self-employed individual.

Payment deadline for employers

The contributions that the employer is obliged to pay, should be paid not later than the end of the calendar month following the month that the contributions relate to.

Payment deadline for self-employed individuals

Self-employed individuals pay their contributions quarterly ion arrear with one month and ten days from the end of each quarter. Monthly payments is also allowed.

Quarter Date of payment
January – March 10 May
April – June 10 August
July – September 10 November
October – December 10 February

Additional fee for late payment of contributions

Every employer or self-employed individual who fails to pay the contributions within the time limit, is obliged to pay an additional fee in the range of 3% and 27%, depending on the period of delay, calculated on the amount of contributions due for payment.

Delay Penalty
From 1day -1st month 3%
1-2 months 6%
2-3 months 9%
3-4 months 12%
4-5 months 15%
5-6 months 18%
6-7 months 21%
7-8 months 24%
8-9 months 27%

Contributions to the National Health System

As from 1 March 2019, the contributions are calculated and paid as a percentage on the gross emoluments/pensions as follows:

Contributions 01/3/2019 – 29/2/2020 01/3/2020 onwards
% %
Employees / retirees / income earners 1,70 2,65
Employers 1,85 2,90
Self-employed 2,55 4,00
The State 1,65 4,70

Income limit

For the purposes of calculating the contributions, gross emoluments are limited to €180.000 per annum.

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