Company Redomiciliation to Cyprus

A Comprehensive Guide

Company Redomiciliation to Cyprus - A Comprehensive Guide


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In today’s dynamic global business landscape, companies are continually exploring opportunities to optimize their operations, reduce tax liabilities, and enhance their financial prospects. One strategy that has gained significant popularity is the redomiciliation of companies to jurisdictions offering favorable tax regimes and a business-friendly atmosphere. Cyprus, with its strategic location and appealing corporate tax structure, has become a prime destination for businesses looking to redomicile and seize a competitive edge in the global market.

Company Redomiciliation to Cyprus - A Comprehensive Guide

Why Redomicile to Cyprus?

Cyprus, situated at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, has emerged as an enticing destination for businesses worldwide. There are several key reasons why companies are considering redomiciling to Cyprus:

1. Favorable Tax Environment

Cyprus boasts a highly competitive corporate tax rate of 12.5%, making it one of the most tax-efficient jurisdictions within the European Union. This tax rate can significantly reduce the tax burden on a company’s profits, allowing for increased reinvestment and growth.

2. European Union Membership

As a member of the European Union, Cyprus offers businesses access to the EU’s single market, creating opportunities for increased international trade and market expansion. This access to a vast consumer base can be a game-changer for businesses looking to expand their reach.

3. Bilateral Investment Treaties

Cyprus has a robust network of bilateral investment treaties that provide legal protection and reduce investment risks for companies operating within its borders. These treaties offer a level of security and predictability that businesses value when planning for growth and expansion.

4. Business-Friendly Regulations

Cyprus has streamlined procedures for starting and operating a business, creating a conducive environment for business growth and development. Regulatory simplicity and transparency make Cyprus an attractive hub for international business operations.

5. Strategic Location

Cyprus’s location between three continents facilitates international trade and connectivity, making it an ideal base for businesses with global ambitions. This strategic positioning allows for efficient supply chain management and easy access to a diverse range of markets.

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Understanding Redomiciliation

Redomiciliation, also known as corporate migration, involves the transfer of the registered office of a foreign company and legal domicile from one jurisdiction to the legal regime of another. In the context of Cyprus, this process allows foreign companies to establish themselves as entities within the Cypriot legal framework. However, there are several key considerations to bear in mind.

Preliminary Matters to Consider

Before proceeding with redomiciliation to Cyprus, the following preliminary matters must be carefully considered:

  1. Legality of Redomiciliation: The foreign company’s governing laws must allow for the redomiciliation and continuation of the company in Cyprus. Legal compliance is essential for a seamless transition.
  2. Incorporation Documents: The articles or memorandum of association of the foreign company must include a provision (Continuation provision) enabling it to exist under the legal framework of Cyprus or allow for amendments to include this provision. This provision is a fundamental requirement to ensure the company’s continuation in Cyprus.
  3. Licensing Requirements: If the foreign company conducts licensed activities in its current jurisdiction, it must provide evidence of the license and satisfy any local licensing criteria applicable in Cyprus. Compliance with local regulations is necessary to continue business operations without disruptions.
  4. Bearer Shares: Cyprus does not recognize bearer shares. As a result, the foreign company’s authorized share capital must consist of registered shares. This change aligns the company with Cyprus’s regulatory framework.
  5. Naming Considerations: If the existing name of the foreign company does not include the word “Limited” at the end, it must choose a new name that complies with Cypriot naming regulations. An application for approval of proposed names must be made to the Registrar of Companies. This step ensures conformity with Cyprus’s corporate naming conventions.

Required Documents

To initiate the redomiciliation process, a series of documents must be prepared, including:

  • A corporate resolution, either from the board of directors or shareholders, confirming the company’s intent to redomicile to Cyprus. This resolution formalizes the foreign company’s commitment to the transition.
  • Sworn affidavits by existing directors of the foreign company, affirming the absence of administrative or criminal proceedings against the foreign company in its original jurisdiction and attesting to its solvency. These affidavits provide legal assurances of the company’s standing.
  • A shareholders’ resolution (special resolution) to adopt the new Memorandum and Articles of Association of the foreign company for its registration in Cyprus. This resolution is a crucial step in ensuring the company’s legal standing in Cyprus.

Application Process

Once all the required documents are in place, they must be translated into Greek to comply with local language requirements. A Cyprus resident director should be appointed to sign affidavits in court. Additionally, Forms ME1, MEA, and ME4 must be prepared and submitted to the Registrar of Companies.

Upon satisfactory review by the Registrar of Companies, the foreign company will be provisionally registered as a Cyprus-registered entity. A temporary certificate of continuation will be issued, marking the foreign company’s official status as a legal entity incorporated in Cyprus becoming a Cyprus registered company.

From the date mentioned on the Temporary Certificate of Continuation, the Cyprus company will be subject to all obligations under Cypriot law and will possess the powers of a company incorporated in Cyprus. This milestone establishes the company as a fully recognized legal entity in Cyprus.

Completion and De-Registration

Foreign authorities have six months from the issuance of the Temporary Certificate of Continuation to provide proof of the company’s deregistration in its original jurisdiction. This proof is known as the De-Registration Certificate.

Once the De-Registration Certificate is obtained, it is filed with the Registrar of Companies, and the company is issued a permanent certificate of continuation, confirming its status as a company continuing in Cyprus. This final step solidifies the company’s legal identity and presence in Cyprus’s legal framework (Cyprus Companies Law).

Failure to provide proof of deregistration within the specified timeframe may lead to the deletion of the company’s name from the register and notification to the competent authority in the jurisdiction of incorporation. Timely compliance is crucial to avoid potential issues and disruptions.

Post redomiciliation actions

Post Redomiciliation actions

Upon the successful completion of the redomiciliation process to Cyprus, several crucial next steps await businesses eager to establish a strong foothold in this promising jurisdiction. These post-redomiciliation tasks are vital for ensuring a seamless transition and long-term success.

Tax and VAT Registration: One of the immediate priorities is registering for Cypriot taxes and Value Added Tax (VAT). Compliance with local tax regulations is essential to meet legal requirements and minimize tax-related complications.

Accounting Set-Up: Establishing proper accounting procedures and systems is paramount. A robust accounting framework ensures accurate financial reporting and compliance with Cypriot accounting standards. Efficient financial management is essential for business growth and sustainability.

Tax Rulings: Many companies opt to seek tax rulings to clarify their specific tax obligations and explore opportunities for tax optimization. These rulings provide businesses with clear guidelines for navigating the tax landscape.

Securing Office Space: A physical presence is often a necessity for conducting business effectively. Securing suitable office space allows companies to operate efficiently and establish a visible presence in Cyprus.

Employment Matters: If hiring local staff or relocating employees is part of the expansion plan, addressing employment matters is essential. Complying with the Cypriot company, labor laws, contracts, and employee benefits is crucial for building a productive workforce.

By proactively addressing these post-redomiciliation tasks, companies can seamlessly integrate into the Cypriot business environment and harness the advantages of this jurisdiction. Cyprus offers a strategic gateway to Europe and beyond, making it an ideal choice for companies seeking to secure a brighter financial future and thrive in the global market. These next steps set the foundation for growth, compliance, and long-term success in Cyprus’s dynamic business landscape.

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Cyprus Company redomiciliation represents an attractive opportunity for businesses looking to optimize their corporate structure, reduce their tax liabilities, and position themselves for global success. Cyprus’s strategic location, favorable tax regime, and business-friendly environment make it an ideal destination for companies with international ambitions.

However, it is imperative to undertake the redomiciliation process with due diligence, compliance, and professional guidance. Seeking assistance from experts in accounting, audit, corporate and tax services, such as Evidentrust Financial Services Ltd, can ensure a seamless transition to the Cypriot business landscape.

By considering the benefits of redomiciling to Cyprus and following the prescribed procedures, companies can position themselves for growth, resilience, and prosperity in a competitive global marketplace. Cyprus offers a gateway to Europe and beyond, making it a strategic choice for companies seeking to secure a brighter financial future. This strategic move can open doors to new markets, provide tax advantages, and establish a strong foothold in a dynamic international business landscape, ultimately contributing to long-term success and growth.

Embracing the opportunities presented by redomiciliation to Cyprus can be a transformative step for companies seeking to thrive in the global business arena.


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