Tax Deadline Extension for submission of 2022 Tax returns Individuals (not preparing accounts) to 2 October 2023

Tax Deadline Extension

We would like to inform you that the Tax Department announced the extension of the deadline for the submission of the Tax Return for Individual for the year 2022 is until the 2nd of October 2023.

As mentioned in a previous announcement by the Tax Department dated 2 May 2023, the 2022 Income Tax Return for Individuals has not yet to be posted on the TAXISnet system for submission, in view of the wait for passing, by the House of Representatives, amending legislation which governs the exemption of remuneration from first employment in the Republic [article 8(23A) L.118 (I)2002 as amended] with effect from the fiscal year 2022.

When the amending legislation is passed and published, the Tax Department will make all necessary changes to the Individual Income Tax Declarations for 2022 and will inform the taxpayers, through an announcement and by email to all TAXISnet users of Taxation, to start submitting their tax returns.

It is reminded that obligation to submit the 2022 Income Tax Return have Employees, Pensioners and Self-Employed, whose gross total income for the year 2022 is greater than 19,500 euros.

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